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  • ENG: The Attelas visor helmet combines safety and comfort in an optimal and continuous improvement. Attelas is in fact made up of a patented mechanism that allows the helmet to be adjusted to any shape of skull. By designing ‘Attelas Visor’ Nussbaumer Design Studio won ISPO AWARD 2016/2017 category Helmets.
  • ITA: Il casco Attelas visor coniuga in modo ottimale e in continuo miglioramento forma sicurezza e comfort. Attelas è infatti costituito da un meccanismo brevettato che permette di regolare il casco a qualsiasi forma di cranio. Progettando "Attelas Visor" Nussbaumer Design Studio ha vinto nella categoria ISPO AWARD 2016/2017.
  • Client: Alpina
  • Tasks: ski, helmet, sport, speed, snow , product design, sport design, performance, adventure, ALPINA, trim and color, rendering, 3D modelling, prototype, engineering and mechanical follow up, ergonomics
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