Christoph Nussbaumer
Christoph Nussbaumer Designer
Austrian-born with roots in a artisans family he graduated at Scuola politecnica di Design. He collected experiences in international design-agencies in Salzburg, Milan and Boston. in 1997 he founds and directs one of most successful innovation driven italian ID-agencies. His team of designers and engineers wins over 200 international design and industry awards. He leads a small and flexible, highly specialized design & engineering team, offering innovative design-solutions. Christoph is a inspired by technology and used to make things happen. Specialist in applied ergonomics, sports biomechanics and brand strategy. You can find him with his two sons ski-touring the Alps & Apennins, on his cyclocross bike or in his printmaking studio.
Federica Zobbi
Federica Zobbi Designer
Federica Zobbi was born in 1988 in a little mountain village near Reggio Emilia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in design at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), Milan. Since 2010 she works as graphic designer and product concept developer for Nussbaumer Design. When not attached at her lovely Mac she can be found hugging her two little sons, taking a stroll in the countryside, rereading classic books, eating (inter)national cuisine or taking the sights of enchanted villages around Italy.
Cecilia Garuti
Cecilia Garuti Designer
Cecilia was born and raised in Reggio Emilia. After graduating at Aldo Moro Scientific High School, she decided to follow her interest in the world of creativity by attending Industrial Design at the University of Bologna, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in 2018.
Fascinated by artisanal products, she did an internship in a design and architecture studio in Venice, which allowed her to work closely with local artisans. After falling in love with this city she decided to continue her studies at the Iuav University of Venice, where she obtained a master’s degree in Product Design and Visual Communication in 2021. Thanks to her university studies she was able to approach the world of Medical Design, which is now her passion.
Maurizio Mussini
Maurizio Mussini Modelmaker
Maurizio holds a degree in jewellery design and works as modelmaker since more than two decades.He jones Nussbaumer Design in 1998 and is familiar with almost any kind of material and modelmaking technique including rapid protoyping. Maurizio is an outdoor freak, gourtmet, skier and keeps his adrenalin high fighting in softair battles.